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I am an engineer turned business professional in the medical device industry. This is my creative outlet, my way of rediscovering a childhood hobby while exercising the other half of my brain. Vic’s Verdict is an attempt to shoot a moving target - to document a developing worldview. If it sheds light on a new perspective for you, I’ve accomplished my goal with this newsletter.

The Decision Dilemma

One topic that spilled quite a bit of ink arose from a simple question: If your heart says to do one thing but your brain steers you another direction, how do you decide? A short essay became a long essay until this long essay became a short book. If a meditation on this question intrigues you, you can access the digital version through a paid subscription or a physical copy at the link below.

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A small corner of the internet devoted to exploring the personal and the profound


Victor Casler

Exploring the personal and the profound one essay (and occasional short story) at a time